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    Day 1 :

    Arrival in Auvergne by coach and in Clermont-Ferrand, on the site of the Aventure Michelin. Guided tour to discover and understand all the great epic of Michelin, the history of the factory, the present and the future of the Michelin group. From the detachable tire, to maps and guides, through the legendary Michelin Man (Bibendum) it is an exceptional universe that awaits you. Road to your hotel, check-in and installation in your rooms. Dinner. Overnight stay.


    Day 2 :

    Breakfast. Departure for a whole day with your guide to meet the “Chaîne des Puys” volcano range, a UNESCO classified site since July 2018! Arrival at the House of the Puy de Dôme where you will board the Panoramic Train Panoramique and access to the summit of the Puy de Dôme (1465m), symbolic volcano and classified with the label “Grand Site de France”. There, commented discovery of the volcano and its exceptional 360° panoramic view, landscape reading of the volcano range and the Limagne fault, the volcanism in Auvergne and the Gallo Roman ensemble with temple of Mercure, the observatory…. Descent on board the train. Continuation to Vulcania, the Earth Adventure. Lunch on spot. In the afternoon, guided tour of Vulcania. Explore the park through the unusual architecture of Vulcania, the animations that show the richness of the Auvergne volcanos and in the world. Attractions 100% intense, a lively scenography which puts emotions in the heart of the adventure. Return to your hotel. Dinner. Overnight stay.

    Day 3 :

    Breakfast. Depart to the Lemptegy Volcano and access the site on board a little train to enjoy an interactive tour of 1h15 with a passionate guide who will lead you until its heart deep inside. It’s the only volcano to have its anatomy so clearly visible and showcased. Learn about the industrial past with the ancient machines and relax with our two dynamic attractions: the 4D Cinema to live a beautiful journey flying above the volcano range and “The Exploding Mine” to experience an eruption in a mining environment. Lunch on the site. Then, transfer to the city of Le Puy-en-Velay. On the way, stop in Saint-Nectaire, village famous for its cheese. Follow the guide in the heart of the maturing cellars and sample the Saint-Nectaire cheese after several weeks of ripening. Arrival in Le Puy-en-Velay. Check-in at the hotel and installation in your rooms. Dinner. Overnight stay.


    Day 4 :

    Breakfast. Start with your guide the walking tour of Le Puy-en-Velay, an outstanding historical city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Preserved over time, the whole area of the upper town is part of a “protected heritage” section and the historical departure of the paths towards Santiago de Compostela, with great heritage and exceptional architecture. Visiting Le Puy-en-Velay is like going on a treasure hunt: the extraordinary chapel dedicated to Saint-Michael at Aiguilhe, the cathedral and its 12th century cloisters, the religious art museum, the Corneille roc, and the statue of Notre Dame de France, are waiting to be discovered. Lunch. In the afternoon, continue with the visit of your choice:

    Continuation pour la visite d’un site au choix parmi :

    • the Hotel-Dieu and its Art and Heritages exhibition: representation of a living heritage, classified monument at UNESCO.
    • the Corneille roc and its monumental Statue of Notre-Dame de France: technical achievement, emblematic site of the city, the roc offers a 360° panorama view on the Velay landscape
    • the roc and Saint-Michael Aiguilhe chapel: originally a volcano, the roc is 82 m high and the chapel which was built in the 10th century constitute an exceptional site.
    • the National Academy of the century-old tradition of hand-made lace. Today the old skills and techniques have been maintained thanks to the creation of the Academy, with exhibitions of ancient and modern lace and equipment.
    • the Camino: Museum located in the Saint-Vidal Hotel. Discover the Paths of Santiago de Compostela step by step.
    • be greeted at the Pagès city-centre space, the shop of the Velay verbena distillery of this famous local digestive liquor. Tasting of the products.

    Return to your hotel. Dinner. Overnight stay.

    Day 5 :

    Breakfast. Departure for a full-day excursion. Guided tour of the Polignac Castle, cradle of one of the most glorious family of France’s history. Historical vestiges from the 11th century with a parapet walk and unique defence system. Great dungeon from the 14th century (32 meters) that allows to enjoy a breath-taking panoramic view. Pass by Saint-Paulien, ancient capital of the Velay, which developed around the Saint-Georges church (12th century). Lunch. Guided tour of the Chaise-Dieu Abbey. Founded in 1063, the House of God (casa Dei) increased quickly and held sway even over Spain and Italy. In the 14th century, the Pope Clement VI, former monk of the Chaise-Dieu, rebuilt the abbey and it then became one of the most important Gothic religious monument of Auvergne. Back to Le Puy. Dinner. In the evening, from May to September, an appropriate style of night illumination show accentuates the beauty of the historic centre, on most of the historic monuments (possible itinerary with the little train). Overnight stay.


    Day 6 :

    Breakfast. Departure to learn more about the history of the mythic Santiago de Compostela path, hiking and pilgrim track since thousands of years. Coach journey near the GR 65 path (or by foot with a guide) on the Via Podiensis. 1st step: Saint-Privat d’Allier in the heart of a canyon, stop of the pilgrims, many chapels on the way. 2nd step: arrival in Saugues, on the high plateau of la Margeride, and visit of the village. Tour of the fantastic Museum of the « Gevaudan Beast », history of this famous and fabulous beast that marked history in the 18th century. Lunch. Return in your region.

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