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  • Roman cities in South France

    Provence Alpes Cotes d'Azur + occitanie


    Day 1 :

    Arrival in Orange. In the heart of the Rhone valley, Orange boasts the best preserved Roman Amphitheatre in the western world. Built in the 1st century AD by Emperor Augustus, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its fabulous stage wall provides amazing acoustics. As a result, one of the most famous opera festivals in the world is held year each July.

    The facade of the theatre was described by Louis XIV as the “most beautiful wall in my kingdom” and it’s easy to see why once you’re there. The stage is even more impressive with its huge wall, which in Roman times would have had moving parts and accessories added to it to enhance the feeling of space and perspective. Guided tour of this unique site. Further evidence of the Roman grandeur in Orange, the Triumphal Arch is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is in fact a commemorative urban arch acting as the gateway to the town and not a triumphal arch, insofar as triumphs were only celebrated in Rome.


    Continue towards the Pont du Gard. The most visited ancient monument in France, listed a world heritage site by UNESCO, the Pont du Gard aqueduct remains one of humankind’s great masterpieces. A marvel of Antiquity and a true technical feat, it is also a stupendous site that has regained its unspoiled state since its refurbishment. It served as an aqueduct until the 6th century before becoming a tollgate in the Middle Ages and finally a road bridge from the 18th to 20th century.  The operation Grand Site, started in 2000, gave it back its original setting, without any traffic or the constructions that had proliferated in the surrounding areas. Installation in your hotel rooms. Dinner. Overnight stay.

    Day 2 :

    Breakfast. Departure to Nîmes. Guided tour of the city with its roman amphitheatre (or arena) very well conserved roman site and the Maison Carrée temple. Climb to the top of the Magne Tower, the highest and most prestigious tour of the roman city wall. Have a walk in the magnificent Fontaine gardens and admire the Diane Temple, before the Castellum.


    In the afternoon, visit the very recent « Musée de la Romanité » opened in June 2018, innovative museum, Mediterranean garden and living place. It is one of the greatest contemporary architectural projects in France, after the discovery of very rare mosaics during excavations in the city of Nîmes. The museum reassembles a great number of art pieces and archaeological remains. Its conceived around a challenging scientific and cultural project with the aim to explain the rich antique heritage of the city, to understand it and to pass it through a very innovative museography (virtual reality, monumental audio-visual technologies…). The vegetal terrace offers a unique panoramic point of view of 360° over Nîmes and its most beautiful roman jewels. Return to the hotel. Dinner. Overnight stay.

    Day 3 :

    Breakfast. Continue exploring the region by heading to Arles, another of the most important Roman cities of France. Since, the city has kept alive this unique heritage, with a theatre, an amphitheater, Roman baths, a stadium, and many other Roman remains. Arles still feels like a relic of the past…

    Guided walking tour of the town streets, from the quiet corners to the most renowned sites of the city, with your guide telling you all the secrets and stories of the city where the famous painter Van Gogh lived with his friend Gauguin. Lunch. Free time before the return in your country.


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